A Listener Needs A Listener Too

It’s fall

The year is almost gone

Late nights turn into early evenings

You think about different things, adapting to sets in

Reflections of yourself vanish on the waters surface after you skip a rock

Reflecting on the things you gained and lost

The rock has its three seconds of joy and then sinks

You pick up another

An another

Until you get dull, out of touch

The sun is setting, it goes quicker now

You think about the past and write this on a piece of paper

Do not sacrifice your own peace for the happiness of another

It’s now in your back right pocket

We don’t have time to do much in this life but we do have time to be better

Better at what?

Better at our weakness, strengths

Better at loving

Better at knowing the difference between nostalgia and the “best memories”

Not every experience is meant to last forever

Understand that you are your own world inside a glass box

Growing for yourself and no one else

Being alone, or with someone

Whatever you do, don’t take them for granted

You’ll miss them when they are gone

The sun just set on the other side of the mountain

Your feet in the water ankle deep

It floods inside your shoe, similar to the way these thoughts flood your mind

Fast and no time to react

Holidays are different now

Not so many leftovers

The Christmas tree stays unlit

Maybe I’m just getting old or something

Times are changing

Doing things I used to like turn into me overthinking about something far away from the present moment

A listener needs a listener too…

Don’t forget that



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